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What is TGS TV?

A free and easy online hub to incorporate theatre and the arts into your daily schedule of distance learning at home. Each week, we’ll share a new theme with corresponding educational resources to enhance your child’s learning experience and have a little fun too. No training required! 

April 20 – 24

Join us for these BIG stories of the LIttlest of Heroes!
Pint Sized Power
Who is the strong one, the leader, the boss?
Who makes the game plan? Who can’t accept the loss?
It’s not just the old one, the big one, the tall.
Sometimes it’s the young one who’s smartest of all!
The Growing Stage features these powerful kids.
Watch what they can do, and watch what they did!
So if you feel tiny or if you feel small,
Don’t fret about muscles. Don’t worry at all!
The Growing Stage artists have stories to share
Of pint-sized and powerful children who dare!
-Laura Petrie, TGS Veteran Artist

Let’s Get Started!


Let’s start by watching the trailer of our recent production of Roald Dahl’s MATILDA

Let’s LEARN about Pint Sized Power!

Whether you are tall or small, old or young, we all have qualities inside of us that allow us to make a difference, to solve a problem, to lift others up, to dare to try! On this episode of TGS TV, we focus on BIG stories about the littlest of heroes. Through self-determination and a little bit of spunk, these pint-sized champs discover that they have the power inside to help save the day!
This week, we are featuring two productions, MATILDA and REALLY ROSIE, powered by pint-sized powerhouses and written by two of our favorite authors. Many of their tales feature young people who, through grit and determination and a little bit of know-how, become BIG heroes in their own lives! Do you know who they are? Introducing…..Roald Dahl and Maurice Sendak!

READ ON: Click here to LEARN MORE ABOUT Roald Dahl and Maurice Sendak!


Now that you have been introduced into the world of PINT SIZED HEROS, let’s PLAY!

First up, let’s warm-up our ACTOR’S TOOLS! Click here for instructions.

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Now that you’re a PINT SIZED expert, check out these additional resources:

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  • BONUS: Activity Guide – 2019 production of MATILDA. Click here

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